Animal Costumes


Thursday, 17 February 2011

New kigurumi animal costumes

It has been absolutely blooming donkeys years since our last post here. Sorry world. We just got so carried away with our Facebook and Twitter pages, that we just... well... forgot.

Anyway, apologies out of the way it has been an amazing few months at the Animal Costumes Shop. We have been able to expand our selection of kigurumi animal costumes exponentially and it now includes (in no particular order) the Zebra, Unicorn, Mouse, Elephant, Dinosaur, Turtle, Dragon, Shark (our favourite), Skunk, Cheetah (your favourite, apparently), Fox (a real cutie), Crocodile, Bee, Wolf, Lobster.... I could go on all night. Basically there are loads of new kigurumi available from Animal Costumes Shop and they are all almost as awesome as you are. So you should totally check them out...

P.S. lots of new kigurumi and other stuff coming soon