Animal Costumes


Thursday, 17 March 2011

Lobster costumes and the endless possibilities...

If you are anything like the gang at the Animal Costumes Shop, you are somebody that yearns to live like the rich and famous do. Day after day longing for a taste of how the other half live. Just imagine: Using caviar instead of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter to lube up your finger when it gets stuck in a Smarties tube. Gold plating on your teeth instead of the blu-tac we normally use when we've eaten too many sweeties. Perhaps a beard made from Champagne that has been frozen into a beard-shaped ice sculpture? Hanging out at posh restaurants, hotel lobbies, horse riding hat parties and other similar toff swank.

Does this sound like something you want? It so does.

"But how does one go about breaking into this uber-exclusive champagne-beardy glitterati scene?" we can almost hear you asking even though we were writing this in what is by now (for you) the past. Well the Lottery doesn't work (trust us we tried it last Saturday). Becoming an accountant might be quite fun, but it takes ages to learn how to use those darn spreadsheets. But fret not. Help is finally at hand thanks to the kigurumi lobster costume from Animal Costumes Shop.

You see, those rich dudes, they just lurrrrrrve lobster(s). Can't get enough of it. Lobster for lunch. Lobster for dinner. Lobster for, erm, tomorrow's lunch. The list just goes on and on. So you see its really quite simple. Just put it on and loiter outside the Executive Lounge in Dubai Airport looking vulnerable for a few days and you are bound to be picked up by a passing sheik at some point or another. He will almost certainly take you home and lavish you with delightful gifts of untold fortune and refer to you as "Your Royal Lobsterness".

So go on and add a touch of class to your life! Just make sure you take it off before they boil you alive!