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Friday, 1 June 2012

Top 5 kigurumi animal costumes

It’s the first day of June! And with the 2012 music festival season approaching it seemed like a good time to announce our top 5 kigurumi costumes for the year so far.

Dinosaur kigurumi


The dinosaur kigurumi is one of the oldest there is, being part of the original range by Sazac (the most well-known manufacturer of kigurumi). And it continues to be one our best sellers. The secret, we think, is its ginormous tail and its ferocious Godzilla-esque face and teeth on the hood. Terrifying.

Pick this costume if you are:
Ferocious, carnivorous and peerless. Even the lion would be ripped to shreds by a T-Rex! This kigurumi is for the party animal that won’t let anything get in their way.

zebra kigurumi


The zebra kigurumi costume is one of the best selling products in out light-weight animal suits product category. This range is possibly a little better for the party, rather than pyjama, scene as the more breathable fabric is really welcome when you’ve been dancing away all night long. They also have pockets, which is a real plus in such situations.

The zebra in particular is popular, we believe, because of its instantly recognisable zebra-iness. According to our experiments your friends will recognise you as a zebra approximately 0.55 seconds before they would have with any other animal in our range of costumes. Then there is the zebra’s surrealist tendencies. Nobody knows why it has those crazy black and white stripes, but every animal wishes they had the cheek bones to pull off such a daring ensemble.

Pick this costume if you are:
Unconventional and surreal. Part of a herd, yes, but a blooming crazy stripy one. Or if you want to play tag with a lion costume-wearing friend.
penguin kigurumi


You love penguins. We know you do because everybody does. The reason you love penguins is because they are just so damn cute. And this penguin costume is probably the cutest penguin costume we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen a few.

So let’s recap. This is the cutest costume of (probably) the cutest animal. It’s easy to see why the penguin kigurumi is so popular among our customers, who are also quite cute.

Pick this costume if you are:
Cutesy, dependable, and good natured. Or if you vomit your food into your young.

bulldog kigurumi


With the Queen’s Jubilee, the London 2012 Olympics and the Euro 2012 Football Tournament all primed to set the patriotic mood of the nation, no 2012 animal costumes list would be complete without a good old fashioned British (designed in Korea, made in China) Bulldog! Again this is in the lighter-weighted material and the bulldog comes with an attractive stuck-out tongue, bone bow-tie and floppy ears. “Oh Yes”*
 *pronounced in a Churchill Insurance dog voice.

Pick this costume if you are:
Stiff upper-lipped, embarrassingly over-polite and uncompromisingly British. But not in a BNP way, thanks.
cheetah kigurumi


“Is that your girlfriend?” asked a man on a fruit and veg stall as we went out in our cheetah costumes recently for a promotional day “…because she looks like a cheater!” Perhaps the endless possibilities for pun-based frivolities such as this, is one of the reasons that the cheetah is always near the top our customers’ most demanded animal costumes. Then again it may have something to do with its impressive colour display, which will always brighten the mood, or its super-cute cheetah face. 

Pick this costume if you are: 
Lightning-fast, colourful, pun-tastic.

Which is your favourite? Let us know by commenting below.