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Friday, 31 August 2012

Owl Kigurumi Onesie Costume

We're pleased to announce that our beloved Owl kigurumi costume is back in stock, and as shown in these pictures, it now comes in an improved brighter shade of blue. If you haven't seen this kigurumi costume before, it's a pretty special one with a great owly face on its hood, 'feathered' shaped sleeves and tail, and those adorable freckles on the costume's chest. Lovely. It comes in the fleece material in adult sizes.

Here are some facts about owls...

  • A group of owls is called a "parliament" or a "wisdom" of owls.
  • They can turn their head 360o. But...
  • ...they can't move their eyes at all!
  • Owls are found on all continents of the Earth except Antarctica.
  • They have flat faces in order to funnel the sound to their ears, somehow.
  • They have 3 eyelids on each eye.
  • They make great fancy dress costumes!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Rhian Sugden's Giraffe Costume

As you can see, Page 3 Girl Rhian Sugden wears our very own kigurumi giraffe costume in the Celebrity Big Brother house. How exciting! We don't know who that other chap is, but he looks pretty boring in his person outfit.

We'd noticed an increased interest in the giraffe costume about a week ago, but it was just this morning when some excited BB fans stopped by our warehouse to pick up theirs that the penny dropped. "We're famous at last!" we yelped with glee.

The best thing is that Rhian actually wrote to us a few months back to ask us for not 1 but 5 free animal costumes, on the basis that she gets her kit off in the Sun. We prefer The Guardian, and most of the others, so we said no and it looks like she went and bought one anyway... And yes, we're feeling pretty smug about that.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Your Photos This Week

More fantastic photos sent in by customers and entered into this month's picture competition. Send us yours to enter.
Hats off to Ben who sent in this picture. He and his friend are sporting their zebra and meerkat kigurumis at Africa's highest point: the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Well done chaps!

"Just an ordinary evening out" says Douglas. But it is still a pretty strong contender for this month's competition. 

Thank you Natalie! You did something for Sports Relief in your bee kigurumi costume and then you sent in this picture, which was taken on the day. You rock!

Thanks to Lipe for sending in this photo. The costume is our Tabby Cat Costume. And the photo was taken on the bus in Brazil. 

Thank you to Megan for sending in this picture. She tells us it is "White tiger, Bananaman, evil joker and some old women, hanging out in the carpark of a Devonshire service station".

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bestival Costume Ideas

It's probably the biggest fancy dress party on the planet, with 50,000 people expected; it's only 16 sleeps away; and it is, of course, Bestival. Possibly the bestest festival in the restival.

With this year's fancy dress theme - "Wildlife" - hitting our nail right on its noggin, we've been gearing up for big things. We've got absolute oodles and oodles of animal costumes ready for you guys, with more in stock today than at any time since we started our business plan in 2008. So here are a few ideas for some Bestival costumes, which of course we can help you out with...

Herds, packs and parliaments

If you're going to Bestival with a bunch of mates, first of all congratulations on being so popular! Second of all, this is a great opportunity -  coordinate costumes with your group can be a lot more fun and it's also a great way of spotting your mates in the sometimes overwhelming throng.

Lots of the animals that we sell hunt or graze in packs, making them perfect for those wanting to match up. So why not get your mates involved and go as a herd of zebras, a pack of lions or a parliament of owls.

Cat and mouse

If there's just the two of you... even better! There's plenty of fun to be had as hunter and huntee, and vice versa. The Cat and the Mouse is a great example, but since we've got over 100 kigurumi animal costumes available, you can easily make your own up. Get creative.

Parent and child

We've recently added a whole bunch of child-sized kigurumi animal costumes to our range, all of which are also available in adult sizes. So if you're going with a child why not match up. Big Dinosaur and Little Dinosaur. Big Bear and Little Bear. Big Meerkat and Little Meerkat. You get the picture.

More ideas

Still stuck? Check out our Random Animal Costume Generator. It's a great way to come up with ideas.

Customers' photos

Thanks to Melanie for sharing this photo taken at Alton Towers theme park and featuring our Fox Kigurumi Costume.

Thanks to Carrie for sending in the photographic evidence of her animal frolics. This photo features our Frog Kigurumi and the Panda Kigurumi costumes.

Thanks to Eliot who sent us this pic of lots of foxes and rabbits at Download Festival. And a tiger, apparently.

Erm, it's a bit scary but thanks to Georgie for sending us this photo featuring our Duck Kigurumi Costume.

Friday, 17 August 2012

More great customers' photos

These are a fun bunch of animal costume snaps ain't they? Send us yours too.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

First Look: The Black dragon

This is the first look at our brand new kigurumi animal costume: The Black Dragon. We think he's pretty special, even if he does seem to be the most wicked-looking creature we feature.

The dynamic has really changed around here his royal-dragon-ness (he makes us call him that) turned up yesterday, he's already stolen half of my sandwich and flushed my stapler down the loo. Maybe you shouldn't buy it, he's really pretty evil, but then again maybe you can handle it. Like Frodo.

If you think you can deal with this wicked animal costume, head on over to the Black Dragon page to purchase it now. Or if you can't afford it, why not enter our competition?

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Animal Costumes Painting

Holly and Megan have sent in this painting featuring a bunch of people wearing animal costumes. Isn't that nice? 

Got any of your own artwork? Please send it to us because we like that sort of thing.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Random Animal Costume Generator

Need some inspiration for your next animal-themed costume party? Going to a music festival and don't know what to wear? Always seen yourself as a lion or a shark type, but suddenly find yourself wondering if a lobster costume might be a more appropriate garment with which to summarise your personality and life story to date; gazing worriedly at the checkout screen, hand quivering above mouse, tormented by uncertainty. Are you making the right choice? 

Thought so. It happens.

Show me another

But fear not! The super cunning scientists in Animal Costumes Shop's super-cunning Science Department have devised this, your very own personalised Animal Costume Generator. Click on the big red button and, using the latest in Techno-Science-Mouse-Button-Wizardry, through your finger tip we will extract your inner-most thoughts and deepest personal passions, and assign you the most appropriate animal costume. It's a bit like acupuncture or something, but without the needles.


Have a go and see what you get! Generate a costume.

More of your phtos

Here are some more photos that have been sent in. Remember to send us yours too, and enter the competition to win a kigurumi - more details here.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Customers' photos

Here are some more photos that have been sent in by customers.

Send us your pictures too and enter our competition - find out more here.

This one was taken in Bristol train station and features our Dinosaur Kigurumi Costume
This one was taken in a beer garden in Hanover, Brighton and features our Fox Kigurumi Costume
This one features our Panda Hat with Paws.
This is our snuggly panda kigurumi onesie costume.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Zephyr the Tiger

Here are some great pictures sent in by Zephyr, who sports our tiger kigurumi costume. In the first, he has only gone and turned up to voting day dressed as a tiger, which we're sure must have ruffled some feathers at the village hall. In the second, he seems to have purchased a car based purely on its aesthetic similarity to his animal costume. Well done that man!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tim the Sleepy Tiger

Here's a picture of Tim: dressed up as a tiger and looking very, very snug indeed.

Send us your animal costume pictures, and enter our competition.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Photo Comp: Win a Kigurumi

Whatever you get up to in your animal costume - however ludicrous, mundane or creative it might be - we want to hear from you.
Send us your pictures and each month we will award our favourite entry with a prize: the kigurumi animal costume of their choice.

If you don't have an animal costume yet, feel free to send us a drawing or painting instead.

You can send your pictures in one of three ways:

We post the best of the bunch to our blog - check them out here.

People buy our animal costumes for all sorts of reasons: fancy dress, pyjamas, raves, kids' parties, streetwear, music videos and theatre, or just to wear around the house! So whatever you get up to, send us a pic and you might just win!