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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bestival Costume Ideas

It's probably the biggest fancy dress party on the planet, with 50,000 people expected; it's only 16 sleeps away; and it is, of course, Bestival. Possibly the bestest festival in the restival.

With this year's fancy dress theme - "Wildlife" - hitting our nail right on its noggin, we've been gearing up for big things. We've got absolute oodles and oodles of animal costumes ready for you guys, with more in stock today than at any time since we started our business plan in 2008. So here are a few ideas for some Bestival costumes, which of course we can help you out with...

Herds, packs and parliaments

If you're going to Bestival with a bunch of mates, first of all congratulations on being so popular! Second of all, this is a great opportunity -  coordinate costumes with your group can be a lot more fun and it's also a great way of spotting your mates in the sometimes overwhelming throng.

Lots of the animals that we sell hunt or graze in packs, making them perfect for those wanting to match up. So why not get your mates involved and go as a herd of zebras, a pack of lions or a parliament of owls.

Cat and mouse

If there's just the two of you... even better! There's plenty of fun to be had as hunter and huntee, and vice versa. The Cat and the Mouse is a great example, but since we've got over 100 kigurumi animal costumes available, you can easily make your own up. Get creative.

Parent and child

We've recently added a whole bunch of child-sized kigurumi animal costumes to our range, all of which are also available in adult sizes. So if you're going with a child why not match up. Big Dinosaur and Little Dinosaur. Big Bear and Little Bear. Big Meerkat and Little Meerkat. You get the picture.

More ideas

Still stuck? Check out our Random Animal Costume Generator. It's a great way to come up with ideas.