Animal Costumes


Friday, 31 August 2012

Owl Kigurumi Onesie Costume

We're pleased to announce that our beloved Owl kigurumi costume is back in stock, and as shown in these pictures, it now comes in an improved brighter shade of blue. If you haven't seen this kigurumi costume before, it's a pretty special one with a great owly face on its hood, 'feathered' shaped sleeves and tail, and those adorable freckles on the costume's chest. Lovely. It comes in the fleece material in adult sizes.

Here are some facts about owls...

  • A group of owls is called a "parliament" or a "wisdom" of owls.
  • They can turn their head 360o. But...
  • ...they can't move their eyes at all!
  • Owls are found on all continents of the Earth except Antarctica.
  • They have flat faces in order to funnel the sound to their ears, somehow.
  • They have 3 eyelids on each eye.
  • They make great fancy dress costumes!