Animal Costumes


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Random Animal Costume Generator

Need some inspiration for your next animal-themed costume party? Going to a music festival and don't know what to wear? Always seen yourself as a lion or a shark type, but suddenly find yourself wondering if a lobster costume might be a more appropriate garment with which to summarise your personality and life story to date; gazing worriedly at the checkout screen, hand quivering above mouse, tormented by uncertainty. Are you making the right choice? 

Thought so. It happens.

Show me another

But fear not! The super cunning scientists in Animal Costumes Shop's super-cunning Science Department have devised this, your very own personalised Animal Costume Generator. Click on the big red button and, using the latest in Techno-Science-Mouse-Button-Wizardry, through your finger tip we will extract your inner-most thoughts and deepest personal passions, and assign you the most appropriate animal costume. It's a bit like acupuncture or something, but without the needles.


Have a go and see what you get! Generate a costume.