Animal Costumes


Thursday, 30 August 2012

Rhian Sugden's Giraffe Costume

As you can see, Page 3 Girl Rhian Sugden wears our very own kigurumi giraffe costume in the Celebrity Big Brother house. How exciting! We don't know who that other chap is, but he looks pretty boring in his person outfit.

We'd noticed an increased interest in the giraffe costume about a week ago, but it was just this morning when some excited BB fans stopped by our warehouse to pick up theirs that the penny dropped. "We're famous at last!" we yelped with glee.

The best thing is that Rhian actually wrote to us a few months back to ask us for not 1 but 5 free animal costumes, on the basis that she gets her kit off in the Sun. We prefer The Guardian, and most of the others, so we said no and it looks like she went and bought one anyway... And yes, we're feeling pretty smug about that.