Animal Costumes


Thursday, 4 October 2012

'Big Face' Animal T-Shirts

For a long time we have been looking for a range of awesome animal T-shirts that were good enough to be featured in our shop. Whilst we saw one or two that we liked, it's fair to say that nothing out there was cutting the mustard. Until now.

We are really really pleased to announce our new range of animal T-Shirts, and boy-o-boy was it worth the wait. We are starting with a range of 13 different designs, each featuring 'big face' artwork in which the animal's face takes up most of the chest area, blending away nicely at the sides.

We're really happy about them, we're already wearing them ourselves and we know you guys are going to love 'em.

The above photo shows the Eagle, Lion and Guinea Pig 'big face' animal T-shirts, but for the full range including a Rottweiler,  Panther, Pug, Hippo and White Tiger, check out our Animal T-Shirts page.