Animal Costumes


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Lots of your photos

You've been sending us your animal costume photos for our competition. So many in fact that they've been coming in quicker than we can upload them to our blog. So here's a big glut of lots and lots of your photos.

Please keep sending them in! We've given away 2 prizes already - the fox and the dinosaur kigurumis - and we'll be giving away another at the end of October. Also it's fun.
1. All sorts of fancy dress hi-jinks on a car, which appears to be buckling, featuring our Zebra Kigurumi. Thanks to Alex for sending it in.

2. This is Eoin, rocking out in the Dinosaur Kigurumi, in some kind of farmyard car park. Thanks to Amie for sending it in.

3. A person in our Giraffe Kigurumi in a box, in a photograph, in your mind... or something. Thanks to Elinor for this one.

4. We've only gone and forgotten who sent us this one. But we like it and we're pretty sure it had something to do with football. So thanks, you.

5. This is a nice smiley huggy one which we like because it makes us feel nice when we look at it. Well done Kelly for being so nice, and thanks for sending it in.