Animal Costumes


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mario Kart Fancy Dress

We saw this doing the rounds on Reddit - it's clearly the most amazing dressing up effort we've ever seen and so we had to share it with you. Check out Bowser wearing our dinosaur kigurumi on the left.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Find the Panda

The recent snowy weather inspired us to create a game with our Facebook followers, and it's been really popular so we thought we should let readers of our blog in on the secret too.

It's pretty simple really: somewhere in each, mostly white, photo there is a panda lurking. All you have to do is find the panda in the photo and let us know where you think he is in the comments. Kind of like Where's Wally but with more pandas.

Anyway, what're you waiting for? Head on over to Facebook to see if you can find the panda - click here.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

5 New Kigurumis to Announce

There are 5 (that's right - 5!) new kigurumi animal onesies to tell you guys about. Although, the truth is, we actually added them to the site in December but have only just got around to announcing it.

This is the Wild Boar - a brown and white kigurumi onesie with two small white tusks on either side of the hood. It has very pointy ears and three stripes above the eyes. This costume is made of a lightweight material and available in three adult sizes.
This is Stitch, from Disney's Lilo and Stitch, and it's an official Disney product. Stitch has a cheeky face with a toothy grin and some seriously large ears. This kigurumi comes in one adult size and is made of a very fleecey material. 
This is the Mole kigurumi, which comes designed with a miners' hard hat. This one is made of a lightweight material and available in three adult sizes.
Here's another Disney character Cheer Bear, from the '80s children's TV show Care Bears. It's a big pink bear onesie featuring the iconic rainbow stripe across its belly.  It is made of a soft fleece and is available in one adult size.
Lastly, here's the Bluebird, featuring a beak and two feathery tufts on top of the hood. The sleeves are pointy-tipped so that your arms can be wing-shaped when you tuck your hands inside. This is another one made of lightweight material and available in three adult sizes.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Cameron and Clegg in onesies

We started selling our animal onesies way way back in 2010 and since then we've seen all sorts of famous people joining in the fun - including pop stars, actors, Page 3 models and Big Brother contestants. But you really know you're onto something when serious politicians start jumping on board. 

Last week Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, spoke live on LBC radio about his "big green onesie" (see the Guardian story here). We were pleased as punch that the craze had finally really reached the guys in charge. After all, it's a necessary step towards world domination (our eventual goal!).

Then this morning it got even better - along comes Cleggy's boss, David Cameron, who spoke to the papers about how he is dying to join in the fun. "My children have onesies and I often say to them that I'm very jealous that they didn't see fit to get me one" he said. Well little Cameron babies, you know where to come!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Winter Sport Animal Costumes

Here's a batch of photos that you guys have sent in for our animal costume picture competition, with a winter sport theme. Skiing, snowboarding and ice skating are all featured, as well as a whole lot of the white stuff.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

More customers' pictures

Here are some more of the photos we've been sent by our customers. All of the people that sent them in were entered into our monthly competition to win a kigurumi.

Thanks to Isabella for sending in this lovely wintry picture. 

Thanks to David who sent us this picture of the wolf costume he made. He's a furry, apparently.

We seem to have lost track of who sent us this one, but it's definitely a giraffe and it almost certainly has something to do with Red Nose Day. So thanks, you.

Anita and the gang went on a staff outing dressed in penguin kigurumis. That's all except for that chap in the middle - he's a penguin in a man costume. The man at the back came to our warehouse to collect them, and we really met him!

Thanks to Geoffrey for entering this photo into our animal costume picture competition. He's given it the very nice and apt title of "Cat Drinking Milk at the Pub". Nice, we like a bit of a title.

You might have seen her photos on this blog before, so back by popular demand here's Kayleigh! O yeah.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Customers' Pictures

It's fair to say that what with Christmas, New Year and all that, we've been pretty lax at uploading all of the photos you guys keep sending us. So we'll be making up for it with a whole bunch to be added this week - check out the first lot below.

Keep sending them in - we'll be giving away a prize for our favourite at the end of the month.

Thanks to Camilla for this in-character cheetah kigurumi photo. Very nice lighting too. This was one of our top three photos for December, but just missed out on the prize.

Here's Joe, dressing up in the monkey kigurumi to help raise money for The Orangutan Foundation. Check out the fundraising page here:  

Here's Sue in her (slightly scary) Rupert the Bear costume...

Just a unicorn and pikachu brofisting. And a washing machine.

A very nice glowing wolf kigurumi photo here. thanks to Elidh for sending it in.

Friday, 4 January 2013

December picture of the month

Look - it's the December animal costume picture of the month! Oh my.

This super special snowboarding snap was sent in by Mitch and features his brother Patch. Mitch had bought Patch a duck costume for his 18th birthday and took this gnarly photo himself. Mitch wins a prize - the kigurumi of his choice from our range! Well done you.

Keep sending in those photos, we'll be giving away another prize at the end of this month.