Animal Costumes


Monday, 7 January 2013

Customers' Pictures

It's fair to say that what with Christmas, New Year and all that, we've been pretty lax at uploading all of the photos you guys keep sending us. So we'll be making up for it with a whole bunch to be added this week - check out the first lot below.

Keep sending them in - we'll be giving away a prize for our favourite at the end of the month.

Thanks to Camilla for this in-character cheetah kigurumi photo. Very nice lighting too. This was one of our top three photos for December, but just missed out on the prize.

Here's Joe, dressing up in the monkey kigurumi to help raise money for The Orangutan Foundation. Check out the fundraising page here:  

Here's Sue in her (slightly scary) Rupert the Bear costume...

Just a unicorn and pikachu brofisting. And a washing machine.

A very nice glowing wolf kigurumi photo here. thanks to Elidh for sending it in.