Animal Costumes


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

More customers' pictures

Here are some more of the photos we've been sent by our customers. All of the people that sent them in were entered into our monthly competition to win a kigurumi.

Thanks to Isabella for sending in this lovely wintry picture. 

Thanks to David who sent us this picture of the wolf costume he made. He's a furry, apparently.

We seem to have lost track of who sent us this one, but it's definitely a giraffe and it almost certainly has something to do with Red Nose Day. So thanks, you.

Anita and the gang went on a staff outing dressed in penguin kigurumis. That's all except for that chap in the middle - he's a penguin in a man costume. The man at the back came to our warehouse to collect them, and we really met him!

Thanks to Geoffrey for entering this photo into our animal costume picture competition. He's given it the very nice and apt title of "Cat Drinking Milk at the Pub". Nice, we like a bit of a title.

You might have seen her photos on this blog before, so back by popular demand here's Kayleigh! O yeah.