Animal Costumes


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Customers in Costumes

Here are some more of the photos that we've been sent in recently. Remember, we give away a £50 voucher to our favourite photo each month so keep sending in those fantastic animal costume photographs!

Thanks to Sara for sending in this photo of her friends as a pack of dalmatians. The fact that they are all eating dog biscuits shows real dedication! And if you're into dalmatians, check out our dalmatian kigurumi costume here.

Bastiaan and friends went to the zoo dressed in their animal costumes, and very kindly sent in this pic. Looks like fun!

Thanks to Emma for sending in this pic featuring her in the giraffe kigurumi.

Thanks to Douglas for sending in this action shot. Ride the unicorn!

Thanks to Pippa for sending in this great animal costume photo. Just a normal Saturday night in their kitchen!

Ellie and friends dressed as Pokemon with trainers and all. Great effort guys!