Animal Costumes


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Your Animal Costume Pics

Here's the latest batch of photos sent in by our customers. We give away a £50 voucher to our favourite each month, so send in yours too!

Here's Tom getting ready for the party, in the new Leopard Kigurumi.

Here's Steph, looking cute in the bear kigurumi costume.

Roisin the fox, hanging out in the woods. Just like a real fox.

Here's Steph's son, dressed as a shark and hanging out with his GREAT NAN(!) at Christmas

Here's Robert dressed in our popular bear onesie. He won the bear in our January picture competition.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

12 Animals That Like Wearing Hats

1. This hedgehog likes to wear a sombrero

2. This sled-full of dogs like to wear warm bobble hats in the winter

Source: NikNaks

3. This dog likes to wear a beanie during photo-shoots

Source: Menswear Dog

4. This kitten likes to wear a top hat in the street

5. This seal pup likes to wear a Christian mitre when he goes to the beach

6. This boxer likes to wear a boxer's hat when he's boxing

7. This kitten likes to wear a green top hat on St. Patrick's Day

8. This lizard likes to wear a knitted top hat when he's chilling at home

Source: Imgur

9. This cat likes to wear a hat on Halloween...

Source: Pinterest

10. ...and so does this one

Source: Pinterest

11. This hamster likes to wear a frog hat

12. And this cat likes to wear a hat whilst preparing dinner

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Back in Stock

Lots of our kigurumi onesies are back in stock today. Many of them have been unavailable since Christmas time, so we're really happy to welcome them back. Especially the zebra.

We've now got over 50 different kigurumi onesie styles available to buy today, many of them in lots of different sizes which takes us well over 100. We think that's more than any other shop in the world, which is pretty good ay?

The newly re-stocked items include:

Your Photos

Here are some more great photos that you guys have sent in!

Keep sending in your animal costume photos - we'll be giving away a £50 voucher to our favourite at the end of March!

Go team animal costumes!

One of these chaps is not a real guinea pig, but Chloe in her guinea pig kigurumi! Can you guess which one?

Astrid in the panda kigurumi, versus a real (sort of) dinosaur! 

This is Raven and she's dressed as a... erm...bat

Jess rocking the fursuit.

David's illustration...

Monday, 4 March 2013

Picture of the Month

Thank you so much to everyone that sent in animal costume pictures last month. It was hard to choose a favourite, but eventually we settled on this great party snap, sent in by Pippa. Pippa wins a £50 voucher and has told us that she's got her heart set on the Purple Panda Kigurumi, which will be back in stock soon.

Keep sending in your photos - we'll be giving away another £50 voucher at the end of March!

Friday, 1 March 2013

10 Dogs Dressed as Other Animals

1. This puppy is a bee

2. This dog is a walrus

3. ...and a spider

4. This dog is a rabbit

5. This dog is a squirrel

Source: Flickr

6. This dog is a tiger

7. This dog is a turtle

Source: Flickr

8. This dog is a cow

Source: Etsy

9. This dog is a giraffe

10. This dog is a panda