Animal Costumes


Friday, 26 April 2013

New Panther Kigurumi

Just when you thought that Animal Costumes Shop couldn't possibly add any more kigurumi animal costumes to its already gobsmackingly vast range... Just when you thought you'd seen all the sleekest, totally amazingly fierce feline onesie suits that one lifetime can deal with... Just when you thought it was time to put on your suit and tie, floss your teeth and go to the bank to plead for a job... And then, along comes the new, the astonishing, the fearsome, the black and white and incredible all over... Yes, that's right, it's the panther kigurumi costume.

Available now in 3 adult sizes from

Friday, 12 April 2013

Our Customers' Photos

Here's the latest batch of animal costume photos sent in by you guys for our competition. We'll be giving away another £50 voucher at the end of this month, so send in your pics too to enter!

Nicole the penguin, with some penguins...

Astrid the panda, up a tree...

Rob the parrot, in Newcastle...

Cleavon the wild boar, doing a selfie....

Kieran the cat, catting it up...

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Police in Newcastle are looking for a man in a teddy bear onesie as this photo clearly shows. We've tried to figure out what this was all about, but our research only revealed that it is in connection with an "incident on a train", which sounds rather fun if you ask us.

Enjoy your onesie responsibly.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Picture Competition Winner!

Great news! Another month has flown by and once again we've chosen the best animal costume photo of the month, and given away a prize of £50-worth of stuff from our shop

This month's winner is Chloe, who impressed us by actually involving the animal that she's dressed as (it's a guinea pig, by the way). Granted, that's probably impossible for those of you that have bought one of our dinosaur onesies, but Chloe's photo was irresistibly cute so we had to give her the prize.

Anyway, Chloe wins £50 worth of stuff. If you'd like to win next month, all you have to do is send in an animal costume photo, and our favourite pic will win the prize. You can send it via email, facebook or twitter.