Animal Costumes


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

5 Customer's Animal Costume Pics

Here are 5 more fab animal costume photos, sent in by our customers and various social media crews. They've all entered the competition to win a £50 voucher. Send us your pics too to enter - all you have to do is dress up as an animal (it doesn't have to be in one of our costumes) and take a great photo. The more funny/beautiful/creative, the higher your chance of winning...

This one features Esme in the oven, in our seal kigurumi costume.

Thanks to Benedict for sending in this pic... 

Thanks to Freya for sending in this pic featuring our cow kigurumi costume.

Thanks to Freya for sending in this photo of a deadly pink unicorn. This one came close to winning the July prize.

The cartwheeling giraffe...