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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bear, Lion and Tiger Are Back

Three of our favourite animal costumes have made a comeback this week. They have been out of stock since February due to various issues, so we're chuffed to bits to welcome them back. They're also among the most adorable, fierce and cool costumes we sell, so you guys will be happy about it too no doubt. It's safe to say we're excited about this comeback, perhaps even more than Elvis's (which we're still waiting for by the way, hmph).

Here's a summary of the big three...

Fuzzy Bear Kigurumi Onesie

The fuzzy bear kigurumi onesie costume is one of the cutest costumes we have, with his squishy nose and eyes that can barely see out through his fuzzy fur, which covers the hood and some of the body too. More teddy than grizzly bear, he'll make even the ugliest mug look cute as hell.

We love bears.

Bengal Tiger Kigurumi Onesie

The Bengal Tiger Kigurumi Onesie, is another costume that we're very pleased to see again. So named because of his orange material, and Bengal Tigers are a more orange-y breed.

He's very popular, and with his large eyes and long tail you can see why. Managing to straddle the line between fierce and cute is a difficult task, but the Bengal Tiger Kigurumi Onesie pulls it off magnificently.

Tigers are ace.

Lion Kigurumi Costume

Lastly, but there's no way we would ever dare to imply that it was least, it's one of the most fearsome and realistic animal costumes on the market - the Lion Kigurumi Costume.

Designed for adults, and an all-in-one costume, the lion's beauty is in its mane - a full head of fur on the hood which looks as luxurious down as up. The slanted white eyes complete the look well - there's no attempt made to make this guy look cute. He's all about the ferocity.

Lions rock.

Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section...