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Monday, 22 July 2013

New Donald Duck Kigurumi Costume

We've got a hilarious and amazing new product to tell you about - it's the Donald Duck Kigurumi Costume.

Donald Duck

Donald is one of Disney's oldest and most famous anthropomorphic creations, first appearing in 1934. He's a white duck with yellow feet and beak, normally depicted in a blue sailor jacket with matching cap. Personality-wise, he's a good guy but sometimes short-tempered and angry, especially when he finds himself playing second fiddle to his best friend Mickey Mouse, or when one of his get-rich-quick schemes unravels.

The Costume

The product is officially licensed by Disney, and designed in Japan. It's an adult all-in-one costume in the 'kigurumi' onesie style. Kigurumis, a Japanese craze, are hillarious and comfy costumes which are designed to be used as pyjamas as well as fancy dress or cosplay costumes. As such, it's really soft and made of a polyester fleece material. The Donald Duck kigurumi costume will fit adults as tall as about 6'1", or taller if you don't mind it being a little tight. It fastens at the front with buttons and features Donald Duck's face on the hood, with an oversized red bow tie at the top of the body suit.

You can buy the Donald Duck kigurumi costume here.