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Thursday, 11 July 2013

New Product: Muttley Kigurumi Costume

This is very exciting. It's a brand spanking new, fresh off the boat, hot off the press, new in the, erm, shop - kigurumi onesie costume. It's Muttley the dog.


If you're not familiar with Muttley, you can be forgiven as he hasn't been on TV screens for a while. Originally he was the co-star of the 1960s animated TV show Wacky Races, which was made by Hannah Barbara, who also made Scooby Doo. Muttley formed half of an evil duo, Dastardly and Muttley. Each week they would race against other wacky racers - the rest of them being good guys - and attempt to cheat their way to victory using a dastardly cartoon villain arsenal of dynamite, anvils, pianos et cetera. Each week they would come to an inevitable sticky end. Muttley is most well known for his iconic wheezy laugh, which is impossible to spell out in blog text (we just tried it) so check out the video at the bottom of this post instead.

The Costume

The costume itself is an all in one kigurumi onesie for adults. This means that it is very comfortable indeed, being loosely fitting and made of a soft and warm polyester fleece. You can even use it as pyjamas if you like, although don't let that stop you from wearing it to a fancy dress party - especially if there is the theme is animals, dogs, nostalgia, cartoons or the letter 'M'. It's officially licensed and designed for adults up to about 6 foot 1 tall (that's about 185cm).

Visit to buy it now.