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Friday, 18 October 2013

Top 10 Halloween Costumes - Part 1

In the run-up to Halloween, we're counting down our Top 10 Halloween Costumes. This is the first part, counting down from number 10 to number 6.

10. The Black Cat

At number 10, it's the classic witch companion: The Black Cat.

9. The Dinosaur

At number 9, it's the terrifying Dinosaur

8. The Black Dragon

At number 8, it's the ghastly Dragon in a Halloween-y black and purple colour scheme.

7. The Lion

In at number 7 it's the ferocious Lion

6. The Shark Attack

At number 6, it's the gruesome 'Shark Attack!' fancy dress costume

Tune in next week for the rest of the countdown from 5 to 1!