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Thursday, 16 October 2014

2 New Bunny Onesies

Today we're releasing two brand new, never-before-seen kigurumi onesies. The first one is a super cute bunny rabbit with big floppy ears and a tail. The second one is a... erm... big floppy eared bunny rabbit, which is super cute. Can you tell which one's which? Answers on a postcard please.

Seriously though, these bunny kigurumi costumes are utterly adorable. The yellow one with it's innocent expression, and the white one with it's slightly more crazed bunny face. Unlike other bunny onesies we've seen, their ears manage to stay upright most of the time - the photos above were taken without any kind of ear-propping-up device. They also have a very cute bunny tail at the back. They are the perfect gift for Easter, so we're releasing them in October - that's what you get when your Chief Business Strategy Adviser Executive, is sitting around in a bright yellow bunny onesie, eating carrots and trying to poop pellets.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Bunch of Monkeys!

What a bunch of silly monkeys!

We've just launched three new costumes on our Animal Costumes Shop website, and all of them are monkeys! Or apes, technically, because one of them is an orang-utan. They're all available in three adult sizes and all of them are completely hilarious.

The Blue Monkey

So named because it is a monkey, which is blue, blue monkeys live in East Africa, and probably the moon. And Uranus. They like to eat blue bananas and blue cheese, and they drive blue cars and their favourite musical genre is, erm, jazz.

The Orangutan

This is the orangutan, or a generic orange monkey if you prefer. Orangutans enjoy their status as both the most chill and the wisest of all of the apes. They live in Borneo, which is actually two places, and they are most well known for scoring really highly in their SATs and for their mildly successful careers in advertising fizzy orange juice.

The Red Monkey

The red monkey is probably the cheekiest of all of the monkeys, which is really saying something because monkeys can be really cheeky, legend has it. Some monkeys are natural red-heads (and red-bodies too), but some just get themselves spray painted. It's hard to tell these days.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

We're on Holiday!

We're all taking a few days off to roll around in the Glastonbury mud. We'll only be gone for a few days, and all orders that come in over the weekend will be dispatched on Monday 30th June.

In the meantime, here are some answers to some typical questions you might need answering whilst we're away...

I've made an order. When will it be dispatched/received?
All orders received before 3pm on the 24th June, were dispatched before we left. Everything else after that point will wait until Monday to be sent out. After dispatch, UK deliveries will take 1-3 days (depending on the chosen delivery method) and international deliveries will take 3-7 days (depending on how far away you are).

I've made an order, but want to cancel before you dispatch it
That's fine, although we won't be able to sort out the refund until we're back in work on Monday. Please just email with your request.

I want a refund/replacement for an order I've received
Again, that's fine, although we won't be able to sort things out until we're back in work on Monday. Please just email with your request, and return the product to us if you wish. Please make sure the product is in perfect condition and include your order number (or name and address) noted somewhere on or in the parcel. Our return address is: Ekidna Ltd, C/O Big Box, Crowhurst Road, Brighton, BN1 8AF, UK.

I have a question about a product, or another question
Please email and we will reply upon our return to the office.

I want to talk to you about helping with your PPI claims or a fantastic deal on your insurance
Great. We love getting these calls! Please use our emergency very important direct contact line by going here.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

New Hamster with HUGE Ears

There's a new hamster in town and this guy has an absolutely HUGE pair of ears. Just look at the size of those bad boys! Move aside, normal-sized ear bearing creatures, there's a new king in town.

Seriously though, this product is new in, so get yourself over to if you would like to be one of the first to get it. As well as the ears it comes with some noteworthy whiskers, is made of a soft polyester fleece and features pockets and popper buttons. It's available in adult sizes and is ready to buy today!

Go crazy for the new hamster onesie!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

New Shark Kigurumi Costume

We've got a brand new kigurumi onesie costume to tell you about. It's a shark!

As you can see from the photos above, this shark comes with the great white shark's trademark grey and white colour scheme, along with a massive set of teeth that run the edge of the costume's hood. It also features a dorsal fin which sticks out of the back of the costume, and sleeves which form the shark's side-fins (whatever they are called).

We're sure that this shark kigurumi onesie costume is going to be mega-popular, so if you want to buy one from the first batch swim on over to now.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

New Dragon Kigurumi Costume

Looky here! It's a brand new dragon onesie and it's seriously hot. This is our fifth (that's right, fifth!) dragon kigurumi, but the first one to be made by Sazac - the original animal kigurumi brand from Japan. It's made of a soft polyester fleece fabric and features include a red lining in the hood, a snarly dragon face and a flame-tipped tail.

Go get it here:


Thursday, 6 March 2014

New Blue Unicorn

It's new, it's blue, and it begins with the letter U. That's right it's our new blue unicorn costume.

This magical onesie is made by Sazac, the original manufacturer of animal onesies. It's made of a soft fleece material and features a yellow unicorn horn, a cute face with eyes and padded nose, and pink details including a furry mane and tail. Just look at it - amazing!

Buy it here: